Tourn. Rules/Info

Tournament Rules - 2019
NFHS Rules, with the following exceptions:


  1. All coaches, by participation in the plate conference at each game agree that all equipment used by their teams complies with the rules and assumes ALL liability of use of illegal equipment by his/her team members.  Line-up cards may be provided by the tournament which require signature of coaches.
  2. Only Head Coaches may consult with the umpires.  Failure of a non-manager to remove themselves from any discussion after being warned will result in ejected from the tournament and subjects the Head Coach to possible ejection as listed below. 
  3. Any persons exhibiting poor sportsmanship or abusive behavior to players, officials, or ANY person will be removed from the event with no return privileges for the balance of the event as well as liable for criminal charges is applicable.
  4. Head coaches are responsible for actions of players, fans and assistant coaches.  Head Coach will be warned to curb improper behavior and failure to do so will result in his/her ejection.
  5. Smoking, tobacco, or alcohol use on the field, in the dugouts, or around the fields is  prohibited.  No exceptions. 
  6. Unless authorized by the respective city or park ownership alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be consumed or displayed at the facilities, including parking areas.   Persons found in violation are subject to removal for the balance of the tournament and any applicable State or Local laws.
  7. Note: by agreement with Victory Sports Park (VSP) and applicable State/local laws, NO Alcoholic beverages may be brought into VSP.  VSP may serve, for consumption, only in a designated area, alcoholic beverages which MUST BE CONSUMED in that area.  Persons found with alcoholic beverages outside the designated area, will be asked to leave the park for the balance of the day and subject to any ordinance violations of the city.
  8. All facilities have rules pertaining to pets, grills, smoking and use of the facilities.  The Tournament Director does not have the authority to make changes, grant waivers or alter these requirements. It is the Coaches, parents and fans responsibility to know and adhere to facility rules.
  9. Not withstanding any other rules, this tournament will follow NFHS standards regarding Thunder and Lightening occurrences.  This includes games will be stopped and shall not resume for thirty minutes after the last sighting of lightening or hearing of thunder.  Coaches are required to take players to a safe space as they determine with the parents.  There are no exceptions to this.
  10. Umpires decision is final in all Pool Games.  Elimination or Bracket Games Protests may be filed with payment of a deposit of $75 in cash at time of Protest, which will be donated to charity if the protest is not ruled in favor of the protesting team.


  1. Pre-game conference/ coin flip will take place ten (10) minutes prior to the start of the game if possible. If one team is deliberately delaying start, the umpire will defer to team present.  LINE-UP CARDS MUST BE PRESENTED TO PLATE UMPIRE.  Game time begins after the pre-game conference.
  2. Home team is official scorekeeper in all tournament games. BOTH TEAMS MUST REPORT SCORES TO SCORERS TABLE WITHIN 30 Minutes of games end.  If only one team reports, that will be the score. 
  3. If neither team reports score, it will be listed as a 7-7 TIE for both teams. As option, Tournament Directors may allow scores to be texted to a designated number.  
  4. Teams must be ready to play, including pitcher being ready, at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled starting time or any rescheduled starting times.  During Bracket play, teams must be at the fields at least forty-five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time and meet the warm-up requirements as well.
  5. No organized infield practice before the games. Teams may warm up beyond the baselines or in foul territory. No live batting practice is allowed on the field or in the complex at any time.  After the first inning no infield or outfield warm-up balls are permitted.  If the catcher is not ready, an adult should warm pitcher up between innings.  Playing time is the priority.
  6. Time limit for all games will be determined by the Event's Director. Default time is seventy-five minutes.


  1. Pitchers must start with both feet on the rubber and are not permitted to step back as in NFHS rules.
  2. Pitching Distances 10U - 35', 12U - 40', and 14U, 16U, 18U, & 23U – 43'   No metal     cleats for 10U, or 12U.  Metal Cleats are permitted in all other age groups.  Molded cleats are permitted in 10U and 12U divisions.
  3. Batting lineups. Teams can bat up to roster for the ENTIRE tournament). This must be declared, in the line-up card at the plate conference.  Once it is declared, it cannot be changed. You may use free substitution defensive substations if all players are in the Batting Order.    
  4. Teams may use the DP/Flex if batting the straight nine (10 counting the FLEX & DP, in lieu of above) or may bat less than the full roster if they choose and have substitutions which will follow standard substitution rules.
  5. Courtesy Runners. Teams may run for the pitcher and catcher the entire game. This runner can be a substitute or the last batted out.  The pitcher and catcher of record are exempt from being used in this manner. No player can pinch run for both the pitcher and catcher in the same inning.
  6. Player Shortages. Teams may begin a game with eight (8) players if the additional players arrive after the start of the game, they will be handled in the following manner:
  7. Teams may add all players to the END of the line-up. These players must be listed on the line-up card submitted prior to the game. If the players are not present for their time at bat their spot will be skipped until they arrive but an out will be recorded. (Note: In Elimination Rounds an out will be charged if the player is not able to bat when her turn comes up.
  8. In Pool Games, an injured player may be skipped ONE TIME without penalty.  Abuse of this exception is not tolerated and may result in ejection of the head coach. 


  1. In ANY inning, if a team is losing by 15 more runs, after 45 minutes the game will end at the point the fifteen-run differential is met. 
  2. Mercy rule otherwise is twelve runs after three innings, ten runs after four innings, eight tuns after five innings or six runs after six innings.


  1. Pool Play: Games will be seven innings or time limit. All pool games will finish the inning once time expires.  If the game is tied at the end of regulation, it will be declared a tie in Pool Play only.
  2. Elimination Games will be played with standard time limits. Games that are tied at the end of regulation will use the ITB rule until a winner is declared. (Runner on 2B, no out)
  3. Championship games will be played as follows; 10U, 10 minutes finish the inning, other age groups will be seven innings, eighty minutes finish the inning plus one, or Mercy Rule.


  1. Tie Breakers. The following procedure will be used to determine the seeding’s after pool play: a) Head to Head b) Runs allowed c) Run differential (Maximum 10 runs per game) d) Coin flip.
  2. If three or more teams are tied with the same record in a pool, head-to-head record will be thrown out.
  3. Once a level of tie-breaker is used, we DO NOT revert to any steps of the tie-breaking procedure. We will continue down the list until all ties are broken.  Brackets are developed through 1st designation by brackets then rotated through.  This shall be determined at random. 
  4. is the format for Bracket Play, though some modifications may be made due to weather, number of teams or other factors unforeseen.
  5. Teams playing an extra pool game will not have, the runs allowed and the Win/Loss in that game will not count towards standings. However, the result of the game (win/loss) will be used in head-to-head consideration if a tie in pool play occurs.


  1. Fifty Percent of tournament games played, no refund is required.  Other situations, refunds will be given on a per team basis, less unrecoverable costs, plus an amount not to exceed 5%.  (Note: Fees charge by Sanctioning bodies or on-line registrations services are not recoverable.)
  2. The priority is to play as many games as possible without exposing teams to an excess number of games per day.  In the event of this not being accomplishable due to weather, the TD may opt to go to a single elimination bracket or eliminate teams with poorer seeding to enable a winner in all brackets. 
  3. In the event of rain, the Sunday morning Pool games, if scheduled may be deleted or moved back and offered as Consolation Games if Bracket Play is completed and weather permits.


  1. If no Bracket games are played, 1st & Finalist Awards will be given to Pool Winners based on record.  Other awards may be given, such as MVP Awards and competition awards if applicable to a specific event.
  2. If Bracket games are started and the event rained out, the best records left will receive awards. Tournament Directors may issue other awards as they see fit.

The tournament reserves the right to change schedule as needed to insure safe play in the event of rain or excessive heat.   COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE TO CHECK AT MAIN TABLES FOR ANY CHANGES.  The TD will use methods to communicate updates, these may include; Message line system 1-440-682-3007 AND/OR TOURNEY MACHINE, USSSA website OR SIMILAR PROGRAMS OR NOTIFICATION METHODS.  Coaches will be notified of the system(s) used, prior to the tournament.